Lessons at home for kids from 1 to 12
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Lessons at home for kids
from 1 to 12

About us

Poliglotiki™ is an international network of language centres for children with 150+ branches in Russia and the CIS. Today, 25,000 children aged 1 to 18 years are studying in our language centres. They are learning English, German, Spanish, French, Chinese and Russian in classrooms and online. The centres provide a choice of 70 learning programmes based on our unique proprietary methodology. It helps to promptly build and extensively develop bilingualism in children through the communicative approach.


branches in Russia and the CIS
on average
25 000
children aged 1 to 18 years are currently studying at our language centres
learning programmes based on our unique proprietary methodology
  • Teaching в образовании с 2006 года
  • Highly skilled employees: native-speaking teachers, psychologists, linguists
  • Proprietary training programme for our teachers
  • Certified proprietary methodology
  • 70+ unique programmes based on research in linguistics, educational neuroscience and neuroscience psychology
  • Lessons in conformity with sanitary and epidemiological requirements
  • Different age groups for children from 1 to 18 years
  • Focus on the child’s individual characteristics
  • Proven high efficiency of learning
  • Proprietary online platform for real-time and recorded video lessons

6 languages for children:

Online Learning

One of the leading formats at Poliglotiki is online learning. Our original platform allows children aged 1+ to learn from any place at any convenient time. We have a mandatory test to select the appropriate programme and the level of learning. Teachers check the acquired knowledge during a course and award certificates to children after the completion.

Our online platform offers two learning options

This format includes individual or group lessons with the teachers of our language centres in real time.

OnlineTeacher is your teacher available at home with no need to go anywhere!

The online lessons have a structure equivalent to that of classroom work at our language centres. Children participate in different activities, communicate with the teacher and each other, do a variety of tasks in the lessons. They also use workbooks, online tests and games for better retention of information.

HomeTeacher is an original project of Poliglotiki with no competitors. This format includes pre-recorded video lessons with learning materials, songs, dances, games, tests and homework available on the online platform.

The key advantage of these lessons is a flexible approach – you can stop, rewind, repeat a lesson at any time or go back to it later. This is vital for restless children or little babies.

Parents can join and enhance the process with the help of teaching materials provided to them in advance.

Both formats offer mandatory feedback from teachers and specialists of our centres as well as technical support in the form of advice, if necessary

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Poliglotiki is a profitable franchise

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Become our partner

You will get an opportunity to use the unique proprietary programmes of Poliglotiki network to work both online and offline in your own language centre for children.

The network partners will get:

  • verified programmes with planned lessons,
  • business process management training,
  • daily support from the management company,
  • their own website,
  • access to HomeTeacher online platform and CRM system.

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our partner

You will get an opportunity to use the unique proprietary programmes of Poliglotiki network to work both online and offline in your own language centre for children.

Our Teachers

It’s a team of expert teachers who have a way with children and are experienced in teaching foreign languages. Each of our teachers is very thorough in preparing for lessons with children. Foreign language lessons are carried out strictly in the language of the parents’ choice. All of our teachers are passionate experts.

Our Certificates and Diplomas

Online lessons feedback

17 May 2020 Anna and her daughter Lilya, 5 y.o.
At first, we gave a try to the free On Vacation course. The kid watched 2 lessons in a row at once. She was so enthusiastic, she got down to tests right away. We’re happy with the result. After 10 lessons, I noticed that my Lilya started to use the phrases and expressions in everyday life. She correctly names some household items in English. What I liked was the delivery method, professionalism and artistry of the teachers. And the set of tests and pictures for revision.
15 May 2020 Irina and her son Kolya, 10 y.o.
We’ve known about Poliglotiki programmes for a long time. HomeTeacher is quite a find for us. It’s especially true for the period of self-isolation when all kids clubs are closed. Learning English with your platform has been a pleasure for my child and me. Even I’ve improved my English a little and discovered some new words. We’ll continue learning with your other paid courses.
10 May 2020 Svetlana and her daughter Katerina, 14 y.o.
The 9th-grade graduation exams are coming. The online lessons of Poliglotiki turned out to be exactly what we needed to expand the English vocabulary. Everything is thoroughly thought through, the presentation is game-based, the language is clear. Tests with audio were a pleasure. We’d like you to add more courses for senior school students, we’ll be with you for a long while.
3 May 2020 Anastasia and her son Konstantin, 4 y.o.
It’s quite a comfortable platform for learning from home. You can always take a pause. There have been no technical difficulties with running Poliglotiki lessons. There are instructions on how to work with a kid, how to pause, how to do tasks. We watched videos together, made crafts, sculpted, revised words and sang songs.

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