Lessons at home for kids from 1 to 12
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Lessons at home for kids
from 1 to 12

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On Vacation

Language: English

Age: 6 to12 years

Lessons: 12

Duration: 30 lessons (15 learning hours in total)

After taking the course, your child will be prepared for an overseas vacation. The necessary vocabulary and useful colloquial expressions are introduced in an enjoyable and interactive manner.


2700RUB 5400 RUB

For whom?

For active children aged 1 to 12 years.

What to learn?

6 languages and 70 programmes to choose from.


Individually based on original video lessons.


At any convenient time.

Every video lesson of HomeTeacher format has been thoroughly developed by our teachers, psychologists, linguists, then pre-recorded and uploaded to the online platform. Young students and their parents can log in to the platform and have a lesson at any time. The flexible format makes it possible to teach even one-year-old babies, adapt to their mood, desire to learn or its absence from time to time. You can stop, repeat, go back to a lesson later or continue after a short pause at any moment. Lessons include warm-up activities and eye exercises to keep the child’s attention sharp. All lessons meet sanitary and epidemiological requirements and safety standards.

Teaching Methodology

The learning process is, as usual, based on our unique proprietary methodology notable for its communicative approach and total language immersion. Every lesson creates an engaging environment with activities, songs, dances, fine motor skill tasks, vivid visual content. Teachers use all the main channels of perception – visual, auditory and kinaesthetic – to deliver information in the most accessible way. Children learn new and revise previous materials as they do various tasks. We provide online testing and regular feedback from teachers to check the child’s progress.

Game as Motivation

The primary motivation for children is game. Animated birds Poly and Glotik help kids to dive into it. They accompany children throughout the learning process. Children work thoroughly to feed them with grains growing in the “soil of knowledge.” These grain points can also be used for your benefit — to buy new learning courses or souvenirs.

Useful Additions

We have developed additional materials for more efficient language learning: tests, flashcards, printouts sent to parents in advance. Parents can take an active part in the learning process by helping their little polyglots or even integrating a foreign language into daily life. The platform has an option to change your notifications to create an individual schedule of lessons and keep them regular. You can get individual advice on any difficulties you have.

Your child will get a certificate after completion.

Affordable Access

One of the key advantages of the format is its affordable price. You can also have a trial for free!

The fairy tales, songs and learning marathons of Poliglotiki are available for everyone immediately after registration.

HomeTeacher Advantages:

1. easy-to-use online platform for children

2. access to 70 programmes from any place of the world

3. colourful video lessons

4. learning = game

5. individual tasks selected for your child’s age

6. option to make personal schedule

7. vivid teaching materials

8. follow-up

9. feedback

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