Lessons at home for kids from 1 to 12
Small steps to great success
Lessons at home for kids
from 1 to 12

Children can learn anywhere and anytime: from any place, in the morning or evening, summer and winter.
Create a convenient study schedule, pause lessons, put them on repeat and consolidate your learning.

For whom?

For active children from 1 to 12.

What to learn?

6 languages and 89 programmes to choose from.


Individually based on original video lessons.


At any convenient time.

Start learning foreign languages right now!

Each video lesson of HomeTeacher format has been thoroughly developed by teachers, psychologists, methodologists, designers, then pre-recorded and supplemented with flashcards and illustrated PDF worksheets.

From the first minutes, children get immersed in a colourful journey into the world of new findings.

What do we teach?







HomeTeacher Advantages

More than 70 proprietary educational programmes created by the methodologists of Poliglotiki network

Best prices : starting from RUB 90 per lesson or RUB 1,000 per study month

Learn anywhere at a convenient time. Make a schedule of 2–3 lessons per week

Pause a lesson and put it on repeat as many times as your child needs

Lessons and materials of the course will be available 24 hours a day in your user account after the payment

Immerse into the language environment and start learning new words and phrases from the first lesson

Watch, listen, sing, repeat, draw and dance together with professional teachers

Download handy PDFs with learning materials. Take online quizzes after each lesson

No cramming of words and rules. Study with interest and passion

Learn with your child – have fun and become closer to each other!

Anywhere and Anytime

Learning materials (video lessons, PDF worksheets, flashcards, tests, quizzes) are available in the user account


a day


a week


a year

HomeTeacher Guarantees

Even one-year-old babies can learn with our video lessons and make progress with the help of parents.

The key element of our lessons is game. It is the core of our educational process.

Various methods are used to keep the child’s attention, including singing, dancing, warm-ups and gymnastics.

Our online lessons meet sanitary and epidemiological requirements, international standards for preschool and school education, safety standards.

Every lesson is a fascinating world with vivid visual content. Online lessons are in no way inferior to traditional classroom lessons.

Constantly interchanging activities help children to follow the learning process.

No high-end devices are required to use our learning platform, , any gadget and basic computer skills are enough.

All lesson materials are carefully structured and suggest a clear sequence of actions.

When taking online courses, preschoolers and schoolchildren spot almost no difference between online and classroom learning and keep showing good results.

Your child will get a certificate after completion

Game as Motivation

It is easy to learn well when it is engaging!

The primary motivation for children is game. Meet animated birds Poly and Glotik, mascots of Poliglotiki. They accompany children throughout the learning process. Kids enjoy treating birds with grains growing in the “soil of knowledge.” Children work thoroughly to get more grain points.

They “interact” with the birds through the computer or gadget screen while having fun and learning new things at the same time.

Lessons Results

Lessons with Poliglotiki


develop memory, attention and imagination


significantly expand children’s vocabulary


enhance audio and visual speech perception


make it easy to discuss simple topics without switching to the native language


teach to read and understand texts


encourage to express thoughts in different languages


improve academic performance


boost independence and responsibility


create consistent motivation

It is important to monitor and record the child’s results.
This allows you to track the development of their language skills.
It is known that what gets measured gets improved.
Take a test
to check the language level
All tests
The results will be recorded immediately, sent to your email address
and made available in your user account.

What is Poliglotiki?

14 years of experience in preschool and primary school education

Poliglotiki is an international network of language centres for children

140 branches in 117 Russian cities and 5 countries

More than 25,000 children taught every year

Our teaching staff includes 1,500 certified professionals


Online lessons are based on the teaching materials of Poliglotiki network used in classrooms. 70 unique proprietary programmes each of which has been voluntarily certified to meet methodological, pedagogical, ergonomic requirements and has proved its efficiency in practice in Poliglotiki language centres.

Our lessons are for children from 1 to 12.

Start learning right now!

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